Happy independence day to everyone. every year in 15 august independence day celebrated every year because in 1947 this day our country got independence from britishers. so here are  200 Independence day wishes in english that you can share with your friends and family.

Independence day wishes in english

Independence day date:

independence day in india: 15th august 
Independence day in pakistan: 14th august
independence day in usa: 4th july
independence day in bangladesh: 26th march

Independence Day Wishes In English

For indians independence day is very important festival and this is the national holiday for indians. independence day is celebrated by different cast and peoples.

independence day wishes 2021, independence day wishes in english

Independence day in india date in 2021: 15 august 2021

 Let’s celebrate independence day having freedom in mind, faith in heart and memories of our heroes in heart. Happy independence day 2021.

 As we remember our national heroes today, let’s renew our pledge to always uphold our national unity so that we can live together in peace and harmony. Happy Independence Day!

If I am given an opportunity to be born into this world again, I will choose to live my life over and over in this great country filled with happiness, love, and shared prosperity. Happy independence day 2021


independence day wishes in english, independence day wishes

Always remember the sacrifice of our national heroes who took made this country what it is today. United we stand! Let us work hard and strive together as a united people to build an indivisible nation that is filled with peace, love, happiness, and prosperity.

This Independence Day 2021 we should take some time out and remember all those who sacrificed their lives so that we could enjoy our freedom. Happy Independence Day 2021.

Happy Independence Day wishes in english to you and your family members. Jai Hind!

Celebrate the freedom, celebrate the independence. Live freely & enjoy this freedom. Happy Independence Day

I love my country. I love my India. Pay respect to your country. Pay respect to your nation. Happy Independence Day
Think about of our past and resolve to build over a better future for our country.” – Wish you a very Happy Independence Day.

Let us celebrate the glory of Free India and uphold the Pride and Honor of being an Indian.”– Happy Independence Day
Meet the young india, emerging with flying colours , dynamic and versatile in every manners, let the world know we are back with a bang. Happy independence day.

let us remember the golden heritage of our country and feel proud to be a part of india. Happy independence day. 

Be the change you want to see  in our country. happy independence day.

May this independence day Bring fortune and success for each and everyone of us. may our country see more progress in the coming years. Happy independence day. 

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 freedom dosen't see colours or shapes, there is enough hate and violence in the world, and now we need to build better future, full of love unity and understanding. 

may this independence day bring fortune and success for each and every one of us. may our country see more progress in the coming years. 

to our freedom fighters,to our solders, to our heros of nation, they are the reason we are still alive and we will never forget their secrifice. happy independence day.

Freedom is never dear at any price, it is the breath  of life. what would a man not pay for living.- Mahatma gandhi  HAPPY INDEPENDENCE DAY

one individual die for an idea, but that idea will, after his death, incarnate itself in A thousand live.- netaji subhash chandra bose 

If yet your blood does not rage, then it is water that flows in your veins. for what is the flush of youth. if it is not of service to the motherland. -chandra sekhar azad

Freedom dosen't see colours or shape. there is enough hate and violence in the world . and now we need, to build a better future full of love. unity and understanding.happy independence day 

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 Freedom in the mind,

Faith in the world

Pride in our hearts

memories in our soal.

Lets salute the nation on independence day.

Carried with care, coated with pride

Dipped with love,

Moments of freedom in shade of joy.

Proud to be indian. 

Feel the pride of being the part of such a glorious nation heres sending my warms patriotic wishes to make this day truly memorable. happy independence day. 

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